Here’s a brief history about myself:

I was born and raised in mid-size nice and quiet city in the north eastern part of Italy, a perfect place for a little girl, but too small for a curious young woman.

I moved to Trieste to attend a school of Architecture. That had to be my clear choice: at pre-school I drew houses using rudimental forms of perspective; then I started with aligning Lego blocks to create buildings layouts and  plans; at 10 stole the blueprints of my grandma’s house to sketch on them and propose her multiple renovations. I enjoyed my college days, and I mean it! Finding myself out of the nest, immersed in a vibrant and dynamic community of young people sharing my passions and interests shaped my personal character, as much as my new teachers built my foundations as an Architect. Maybe it’s because of these mind-opening experiences that I decided I had to take a bigger step: trying to live abroad.

I decided Spain was the right place to expand my horizons, the right-sized step to live abroad and face a foreign language. Valencia proved to be a spectacular stage during the boom of the early 2000. New environment and new friends, new school, different architectural visions and mentors, local cultural traditions: all this reshaped my point of view forever, opened my mind to multicultural worlds and conceptions. At the end of my year program I felt rich, grown and confident I could live – and succeed - everywhere in the world: I was ready for my next move.

I got a position as Research Scholar at the Center for Sustainable Building Research in Minneapolis, USA. During the long and freezing mid-west winter I developed and discovered my passion for environmental sustainable principles researching innovative timber systems. I felt then I was ready to start my career.

After a quick stop back in Italy, just the time to graduate and confirm I wouldn’t have found there what I was looking for, I packed and moved to London. That wonderful place welcomed me with its unpredictable weather and a pace much faster than what I had always been used to. The City gave me four intense and unforgettable years that I will forever keep in my heart. I had the opportunity to build experience by working for important clients in projects that reshaped parts of central London, leaving my mark there for everyone to enjoy it.

But then, as sometimes happens, life took an unexpected turn and I found myself crossing again the “pond” to start a new life in Philadelphia. Here in the City of Brotherly Love I still continue pursuing what I have always sought: opportunities to express the same creativity I had as a curious young woman.